Why I'm learning Go

Kulani Baloyi / Apr 22, 2024

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Why I decided to learn Golang.

There are a ton of programming languages out there, each with its strengths and weaknesses. So why did I decide to dive headfirst into the world of Go?

Simplicity is King

I come from a T3 stack bacground. While I appreciate its capabilities, expecially in building fullstack apps, I sometimes found myself bogged down in complexity. Initially I wanted to dive into the Rust world but decided to go with Go because of its clean syntax and focus on readability are a breath of fresh air. It lets me concentrate on solving problems without getting tangled up in the intricacies of the language itself. If in the future I deem it worth while Ill definitely revisit Rust

Built for Speed

The world of software development is fast-paced, and performance matters. Go is a compiled language, meaning it translates code into machine code for direct execution. This translates to lightning-fast programs, perfect for building scalable and responsive applications.

Concurrency Made Easy

In today's world, applications often need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Go excels at concurrency with its lightweight threads, called goroutines, and channels for communication. This makes it ideal for building applications that can handle a high volume of users or complex calculations.

A Thriving Ecosystem

Go may not be the most established language out there, but its community is growing rapidly. There's a wealth of libraries and frameworks available to tackle various development needs, and the official tooling is top-notch. Plus, with companies like Google and Uber backing it, Go's future looks bright.

Expanding My Skillset

As a developer, it's crucial to stay relevant and keep learning new things. Go offers a unique perspective on programming, and the skills I gain will undoubtedly benefit me in other areas. It's a fantastic way to broaden my horizons and become a more well-rounded developer. Ultimately the decision was between Go and Rust because I wanted a memory safe language

Whether you're a seasoned programmer or just starting out, Go is definitely worth checking out. Its focus on simplicity, performance, and concurrency makes it a powerful tool for building modern applications.


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